MichelleHi - I'm Michelle, Photographer and Owner of My Michelle's Photography, which is located in Downtown Herrin. The many creative paths I have traded in my life have greatly influenced my passion for photography . As a child I loved cameras and taking photograph's of family and friends and capturing the special moments in their lives . Born and raised in Phoenix Arizona i found inspiration for my creativity and passion was around every corner . The beauties of Canyon's, Cactus Flowers and Indian reservation's all inspired me .

Taking Photograph's continued to be a outlet for my creativity throughout my life . In 2007 I picked up a professional camera and I didn't want to ever put it down . All the passion, inspiration and joy I felt every time I picked up a camera in the past came rushing back, and it was from that moment I knew that photography was meant to be my career path .

In February 2012 the perfect opportunity came about for us to open a studio in Downtown Herrin IL above Bryan Furniture . We put our construction hats on and began renovating The studio . one year later,  we were able to finally have client's in studio . We have fallen in love with our temporary space, but have plans to expand in the future.

I consider myself blessed to have found so much happiness in life . I recognize how fortunate I am to have found so much success in a career that is my passion . I am also so very thankful for g-d , very supportive parent's and siblings , my husband and six healthy happy children - the ultimate joy in life ! With out them, My Michelle's would not be possible .

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